Terms and Conditions of Sale

This document contains the Terms and Conditions governing the purchase of products on terredaquesia.it, the delivery of these products and the after-sales phase.

The relevant legislation is the so-called Italian Consumer Code, which includes the Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206 and subsequent enrichments and amendments (legislation available here: https://www.mise.gov.it/index.php/it/mercato-e-consumatori/tutela-del-consumatore/codice-del-consumo).</ p>The Seller of the products that can be purchased on terredaquesia.it is the Società Agricola “Adduci Vitivinicola” S.S. Before placing an order on terredaquesia.it, the Buyer is required to read and accept these Terms and Conditions. Upon completion of the order, the Buyer must also save a copy of the Terms and Conditions on his electronic device (for this purpose, it is sufficient to copy the text contained in this page and paste it into a text file or a Word file. It will then also be possible to print this copy).


The products that can be purchased on terredaquesia.it are described in relevant information sheets and depicted in relative photographs of the packages (bottles).

The total of each order can only be 2 bottles, 6 bottles or a multiple of 6 bottles.

Correct receipt of the order is confirmed in real time by Adduci Vitivinicola via an email sent to the email address supplied by the Buyer at the time of the order. This confirmation email will contain the relevant information relating to the order, namely: order number, order date, products, quantities, prices of individual products, subtotal, shipping costs and times, payment method, total, shipping address and billing address.

The Buyer is invited to verify the correctness of the data and to communicate any errors and corrections as soon as possible, so that Adduci Vitivinicola can proceed to modify the order before shipping and issuing the invoice. For this purpose, simply reply to the order confirmation email.

You can choose between two payment methods:

1. Cash transfer (to be made immediately after completing the order, indicating the order number in the transfer’s purpose).

2. Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express).

Payment by credit card is handled by the Stripe secure payment system.

If, for some reason, Adduci Vitivinicola finds itself in the position of having to refuse the order, the Buyer will be informed as soon as possible. Among the reasons that can lead to an order refusal are the publication of an incorrect price or the sudden unavailability of the product. In any case, Adduci Vitivinicola will promptly refund the payment to the Buyer.

Upon receipt of the payment and if no conditions such as to require the order to be rejected arise, Adduci Vitivinicola will accept the order and send the invoice via email to the Buyer.


Currently, we only ship to destinations in Italy. The wines are shipped inside Alvio protective cases.

Shipping is free for orders of at least 6 bottles. In other cases, shipping costs vary according to the quantity of bottles and the destination. In particular:

2 bottles: € 10 for shipments to Calabria, Sicily or Sardinia; € 7 for other national destinations.

The wines are shipped within 48 hours of receipt of payment.

Delivery times:

Shipping to Calabria, Sicily or Sardinia: 3 working days (72 hours).

Shipping to other national destinations: 2 working days (48 hours).

Delivery times are those indicated by the courier. Adduci Vitivinicola cannot be held responsible for any delays.

Upon delivery of the products by the courier, the Buyer should verify that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated on the invoice and that the packaging is not damaged or altered in any way. In the event of discrepancies in this sense, the Purchaser may decide to accept the goods with reserve, adding the words “accepted with reserve” when signing the delivery document.

Upon opening the package, if the products are damaged, it will be possible to claim damages from the courier. For this purpose, a registered mail with return receipt(raccomandata con ricevuta di ritorno) must be sent to the courier within 8 days. The courier’s address is indicated in the copy of the packing slip.

If for some reason the Buyer does not contest the damaged goods to the courier, he may still exercise, within certain limits, his after-sales rights.


The products sold by Adduci Vitivinicola are covered by the standard two-year after-sales warranty. This guarantee provides that the products in lack of conformity are replaced with corresponding intact products. If for some reason the replacement is not possible, the Buyer has the right to obtain a refund (partial or total, based on the specific extension of the damage) of the order.

To exercise these rights, the Buyer must keep the invoice. If, for some reason, he does not receive the invoice or has lost it, the Buyer can still refer to other documents that certify the purchase, such as the order confirmation email, the cash transfer receipt, etc.

The rights deriving from the after-sales guarantee can be exercised for a maximum of 26 months, and in any case always within 2 months from the discovery of the defect.

If the conformity defects appear within 6 months from the delivery date, Adduci Vitivinicola will eventually be obliged to demonstrate that the defects occurred only after the delivery of the product. If this is proven, the warranty does not apply.

If, on the other hand, the lack of conformity appears after 6 months from the date of delivery, then it will be the Buyer’s obligation to prove that the defects were already present at the time of delivery. If this is not proven, the warranty does not apply.

The Buyer who is not satisfied with the product (regardless of the detection of defects), within 14 days of delivery can exercise the right of withdrawal. To exercise this right, the Purchaser can send Adduci Vitivinicola an email in which he declares to exercise the right of withdrawal. Within 14 days of receipt of this communication, Adduci Vitivinicola will respond to this communication (please note: indicating the fact that the cost of returning the products is, according to the law, to be paid by the Buyer) and will reimburse the Buyer the cost of the order and the shipping costs (excluding any additional shipping costs, if the Buyer had requested and obtained to be able to receive the products through a faster and more expensive shipping service). For its part, within 14 days of sending the communication to Adduci Vitivinicola declaring its intention to make use of the right of withdrawal, the Purchaser must send the products back to Adduci Vitivinicola (the shipping date is proof). The cost of the return shipment is to be paid by the Buyer, unless Adduci Vitivinicola has failed to inform the Buyer of this fact in its response to the Buyer”s notice of withdrawal.

The after-sales guarantee and the right of withdrawal apply only up to the time the bottle is opened. Any defects found once the bottle has been opened, and in particular defects found in the wine itself, are not covered by the guarantee and, in any case, opening the bottle excludes the possibility of exercising the right of withdrawal on the product.

For any questions about these Terms and Conditions or for further information, please write to: info@terredaquesia.it.